In honor of the Spanish ponies that live free along the outer banks.


Equi-Kids is an organization that works autistic children and Equi-Vets works with wounded warriors. They have individuals interact with horses with amazingly positive results.

Their mission is “To provide, promote and support equine assisted activities for individuals who have mental, physical, emotional, social or learning disabling conditions.”




tinkerTinker is a full sized stallion over 15 hands high. It is one of 10 pieces selected for the upcoming Florida Outside Sculpture Exhibition in Winter Haven. It will be on display through the 2014 year.


Guv nor…

gov1Guv nor is a full size stallion constructed from driftwood found along the Governor’s Run beach in Maryland. Guv nor is seen here posing with friends. Click to view additional photos of this majestic horse.


willow1Willow is an almost life size stallion. Constructed out of some very unique pieces of driftwood, he stands approximately 7 feet tall.



storm1Storm is one of a series of fighting horses that I’ve constructed. This one measures 6′ to the top but I am presently finishing a full-size fighting pony.


Under Construction…

Many hours are spent walking  the beaches on the Chesapeake Bay collecting driftwood. The pieces I have created range from dinosaurs to horses, elks to mythical Hippocampus’s.

The sculptures are constructed of all types of wood but usually the legs will be locust or oak. Pieces are assembled using rust resistant screws that are counter sunk and filled. The wood is selected for effect and design to create creatures that are realistic and inspirational They will be treated with at least four coats of a wood preservative to prevent rot.

I suggest one should place the feet on a concrete or synthetic surface and retreat with a sealer every couple of years. If properly cared for they should last for many years, unless of course you have beaver issues!

Horses along the Chesapeake Bay…

The mare Sassafras and foal Barnacle were inspired but the majestic ponies of Chincoteague and Assateague.

My wife and I vacation there every Thanksgiving to enjoy the horses jn their natural setting.

Sassafras’s name comes from the wood that much of her hind quarters is constructed from. It was very pleasant arromatic experience making her.